Welcome To Blue Tech Products

Welcome to non woven fabric bags manufacturing industry. Our company offers a variety range of Non-Woven fabrics carry bags with vibrant colours and dashing look. Non woven fabrics are durable and disposable in nature ,which makes them widely accepted by the people. It is an emerging industry across the globe. We serves our client with excellent services which is a blend of latest technology,quality product and expertise professionals. Blue tech products conveys a message to the society


Benefits Of using Non Woven Fabric Bags

Non woven fabrics are widely used in today's market. Non woven fabrics are being used as shopping bags, rice bags, surgical mask, dippers etc. Specifically, non woven fabric bags are in extensive use in the market. Non woven fabric bags are very beneficial to the users as it is :

  • Fire-retardant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Radiation-protection from UV rays
  • Water resistant
  • Biodegradable and Durable
  • Reliable
  • Air permeable
  • Attractive appereance

What We Offer

We have high sophisticated infrastructure, advanced technology, modern tools and latest designing software to match the quality of the products that has been used in the manufacturing process. We deliver divergent training and workshops to our personnel to avoid wastage and increase productivity at the same time.


Moreover, we have well equipped production facilities and the following machinaries are installed in our...

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Business Objective

The primary objective of Blue Tech Products is to establish customer satisfaction into the section of manufacturing and exporting high quality non woven fabric bags made from it. We are focused for making low cost Non woven fabric bags as a part of our daily living. Creating awareness about these products among society and create pollution free environment.


Our business strategy is based on objective-oriented investment in expanding Research & Development activities in order to ensure highly value-added non woven fabrics which are sustainable for various purposes.

Why Choose Our product

We take immense care in ensuring that our products are well within required parameters of international quality standards throughout the process, our team of quality control keeps a vigilant eye on the manufacturing process so that quality is not compromised. Rather than assuring our customers of quality, we have developed an innate characteristics of quality .


Quality is inherent in us that we naturally orient towards such sort of production methods and processes. We have cultivated that habit deep down..

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Environmental Policies

The National Environment Policy seeks to conserve the natural resources so that livelihood and well-being of everyone should be secured. The policy is intended to establish environmental concerns in all development activities of the country. Sustainable development is the main objective of this policy. Sustainable development is a voluntary approach in which we meet our present needs without compromising the ability to meet the needs of our future generation. Environmental depletion affect soil fertility, quantity and quality of water, air quality, flora & fauna etc. We only work with suppliers ...

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